This week the entire team of Van der Lans International has lighted 25 candles on its celebration cake! This friday the company operates exactly 25 years in the international Fresh Produce world.

Van der Lans International is a dynamic family company established September 30, 1991 by founder Jan van der Lans. The company is operating international with imports of fruit, exotics and vegetables from more than 20 countries, whereby the focus is on imports from the Southern Hemisphere. All imported produce is handled, distributed and sold to various customers on the European market.

From the start in 1991 Van der Lans International, controls the entire chain from source till final customer. Full transparency in the entire chain is a must nowadays, which guarantees food safety at all time including all required certifications.

On the occasion of this silver milestone, an entire new website will be launched in which the valued crew of 10 people is playing a main role. Furthermore the top quality of the Van der Lans produce range will be highlighted and presented in a sparkling way.

“ Of course you try to improve all the time and I wanted to create a refreshing website in this special year and I may say that we succeeded to do so. “ says Jan van der Lans. “Twentyfive years is a beautiful age. Experienced enough to have a team with solid roots in this dynamic Fresh Produce trade. On the other hand this age implies a young and energetic attitude towards our supplier partners and our valued customers while facing the challenges of our market”

And he continues “That is also the reason for our slogan above our festive company logo ‘Celebrating our first 25 years… “as it feels like we have only just begun!”

Even though Jan is as Dutch as his company is, there are no doubts about the international focus of the company and its ambition to have a very profitable cooperation with its partners, both customers and growers for the next 25 years: Van der Lans International : a fruitful alliance.