Van der Lans International is a dynamic family company established in 1991 by founder Jan van der Lans. We are internationally active in the import of (exotic) fruits, vegetables and fruit specialties from more than 20 countries, concentrating mainly in the southern hemisphere. Our products are sold and distributed to various (end)customers within the European market.

As an independent importer and distributor we control the entire process from grower to final customer. This produces complete transparency in our supply chain, where food safety is guaranteed by all relevant certification.

Our success is based on years of experience, strategy expertise, knowledge of the market and the professionalism of our producers and logistical partners. These are the key conditions for an outstanding and, above all, a strong and sustainable relationship that is profitable for all concerned. Truly – a fruitful alliance.

All required certification
The working methods of Van der Lans International are completely transparent and certified. We are in possession of the following:
– International Food Standard Broker Certificate Silver higher level
– SKAL – Bio Certificate

Logistical experience
A serious knowledge of logistics is required in order to deliver fresh fruit from faraway places to its final destination in top condition. In addition, quality and speed must be guaranteed throughout the chain, while costs must remain manageable. Transport
and storage, cooled or ventilated, full traceability – a well-oiled logistical machine is essential to guarantee a low cost price for a high demand package. The cargo is cleared inwards on arrival. Residue analyses and quality inspections are carried out and certificates are issued. Our chain traceability is optimum during and after the production cycle; each product batch has its own history and provides complete insight up to and including the pesticides used.

From grower to retailer

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